Mr. Brata Perdana – President Director

Having graduated abroad, Brata brings with him an extensive career in both the financial and operational/industrial sectors. Initiating his career within the financial services, he has rapidly developed his network and insights to the domestic markets. Specifically, he was involved with various large institutions, namely the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency. To date, he has shared the full age of the organization with his career.



Mr. Akbar Masmardi – Director

Akbar climbed his way in the professional workforce since 1988. Whereby he took various responsibilities, all of which mostly focusing on the logistics industry. He has developed thorough knowledge of the domestic logistical system, with various experiences including that of in the aviation sector.






Mr. Moekhlas Sidik – President Commissioner

Moekhlas boasts an extensive and remarkable tenure in the marine industry, specifically with the Indonesian Military Services. Having started with educational services in the relevant fields, he continued his achievements throughout his career with the military and particularly the Indonesian Navy. Most notably, he has been ranked as Laksamana Madya and seated as WAKASAL (Deputy Chief of Staff).



Mr. Boyke Prasetyanto – Commissioner

Having built his career immersed among the largest of the key business sectors, Boyke has reached new heights ever since. Immediately involving himself in the logistics sector of the nation, he has achieved various avenues that include reputable memberships with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) as a Permanent Committee on Logistics, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), Indonesian National Air Carrier Association (INACA), and various other positions within diverse business sectors.