Japan’s Tsuneishi Holdings Seeks Foothold In RI Ship Repair



Buoyed by fresh business potentials in Indonesia, Japanese shipbuilding and maritime transport company Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation plans to spend US$40 million to set up a ship-repair business in the world’s largest archipelago.

Tsuneishi Holdings chairman and president Yasuharu Fushimi said the government’s plan to enhance sea connectivity promised good prospects and was the main reason for his firm to choose Indonesia as its investment destination.

“We see a big potential to develop Indonesia’s shipping industry. We’ve estimated that around 3,293 ships will require repair services each year,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Tsuneishi’s presence in Indonesia will also contribute to employment, absorbing approximately 1,000 workers, according to the statement.

Fushimi added said that Tsuneishi would seek to expand into the shipbuilding industry, but declined to elaborate upon a specific timeframe for such a move.

Japan’s seventh-biggest shipping firm, Tsuneishi, has established a presence in China, the Philippines and Paraguay in four business sectors — environment, energy, shipping and shipbuilding.

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