Ship Building

PT Anggrek Hitam has built numerous vessel types with various classes and ranges of capacity. Our facility also makes way to the possibility of advanced customization and prioritization to the user’s-needs. The vessels are fully-manufactured on-site and are built to Germanisher Lloyd (Hamburg, Germany) certifications and Indonesian Coast Guard approval. Construction operations are completed with workforce that is in full compliance of AMDAL (Environmental Impact Analysis Recognition).

Construction services may include assistance in Project Preparation, Sea Trials & Commissioning.

Customized Barges:

This includes various work-orders. As such, the team has aspired and excelled in a variety of construction-specifications exclusive to barges.

Self-Propelled Barges









Fuel Oil & Chemical Tank Barge









Self-Propelled Urea Barge








Support Vessel (Anchor Handling Tug & Supply Vessel):

In light of Indonesia’s maritime activity and its rich natural resources, it necessitates for the functions of various support vessels. Of which Anchor Handling Tug & Supply Vessel particularly supplements Offshore company operations.

Floating Cranes:

After contracting two differing Floating Cranes, the team is adept to construction of differential design specification for crane services, particular to serve transshipment-service customers.









Product Oil Tankers:

The provisional contracts for 17,500 DWT Oil Tankers are attributable to the needs of Indonesia’s state-owned Oil & Gas company; Pertamina. It operates the largest domestic oil & gas fleet, with continuously surging  needs for tankers among others.