The shipyard and its team was awarded the ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification by RINA and IQNET in early 2014. This represents achievement of adopting a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 – with the ability to optimise in-house management system, to differentiate itself from its unqualified competitors and increase its market visibility and competitiveness. This is supported by accreditations from: ACCREDIE, ANAB, INMETRO, NABCB, RENAR. Certification of this management system by an independent company is therefore an indispensable requirement for placing products and services on the market. Organizations implementing a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 assure the increased focus of all functions towards the final result and increased attention towards internal and external customers. Several other criteria that are achieved include:

– Guarantee the way a product is manufactured or a service provided
– Guarantee constant improvement in quality over time
– Increase market competitiveness
– Enter the international market
– Improve performance and reduce management costs
– Improve internal communication, increase management involvement and focus on human resources



More recently, the shipyard and its team has strived to be certified to ISO 14001 : 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007 by RINA and IQNET in mid 2015. This shows firstly accreditation and certification reached for Environmental Management System with compliance to standards set by RINA and IQNET. It specifies the organization to have developed and implemented necessary policies and objectives that take into account legal and environmental aspects. It applies and identifies such aspects which it can control and influence, assuring itself conformity with the nature of its activities, products, and services with the location and conditions where it functions.

Further, accreditations and congratulations to both top management and all staff are evident for their continued efforts of excellence. This is represented through the achievements of implementing and maintaining a Health and Management System that fulfills the required standards in the operating activity units composing Design, Engineering and Construction. An evident framework for occupational welfare is sustained, where policies, procedures, and controls are put in place for the organization to achieve the best working environment that is aligned with internationally recognized best-practices. Benefits of such conditional will include:

– Optimal working conditions across the organization
– Identification and management of controls for possible hazards
– Reduction of workplace accidents and illness, to cut related costs and downtime
– Engage and motivate staff with better and safer conditions
– Demonstrate compliance to customers and suppliers

ISO14001-2004_col_50 BS-OHSAS-18001


In addition, the team has been developing close relationships and progressive actions with the Batam Shipyard and Offshore Association. Fulfilling duties as a representative of the association, and simultaneously thriving for the success of the organization, and sector as a whole.